Sunday, 1 May 2011

only because i just made a blog.

So im not in with the whole massive paragraphs of writing things because if i was the reader i would not just wanna read loads, so thought i would add some pictures to go with my writing :D
I have a boy cat called smudge, hes 9 years old.

Im in love with blackberrys.

I love braceletes, this is my favourite one.

Im in love with fashion, its a big part of my life.

I love going out with friends, this is a picture of us on the swings.

Im a very sporty girl, this is me on the trampoline.

Im obsessed with the internet

I love nature, espically summer&spring.

Lets say imma bit camera obsessed.
Disclaimer: i took all of theese pictures.
And yeah first blog post of me introducing shizzle about me, enjoy.